Having successfully entered the second decade of our occupation

in the coffee business we' retrying to make our vision happen.

We created the coffeebrewers in November 2012.

A company with ideas, passion, spirit and dreams.

Idea as in an attempt to see and reach the things that seemed far and unreachable,

with the same passion, nourishing and strengthening us,


 the coffee


Based on our vision we followed the equivalent path.

We created Crop.

The spot that houses our passion and shares our knowledge.

By saying Crop, we mean the plant cultivation which is harvested at a specific time of its growth,

with the main purpose of using its crops to meet the human need for food.








HRM - Bar Manager

Everything is "chemistry". Combinations of different flavors in such a way as to give you a quality result.People are different, unique, which together constitute our group. A group dedicated to the objective of the best possible outcome. Your service !!!

Roaster - Barista - Trainer

Study-work-persistence-patience. We strive for the best. We never stop daring. We try different roasting profiles trying to discover unknown and special aspects in every raw coffee bean we find.

Barista - Financial Manager

We have no problem with brews and creamy milks. But the VATs and the financial needs require GREAT attention!!!



How many of us have drunk a cup of coffee quickly, early in the morning at home or at a cafe before we go to work?

How many of us have looked for an ice-cold glass of beer at noon after a long and tiring day to relax?

How many nights haven't we seeked for the company of our friends and for a glass of wine on a veranda or somewhere outside and to share our news with them?

Have we ever wondered why or how we resorted to these escapes?Have we ever thought that maybe all these moments have something in common?

But of course they do!


Everything that brings us close to our friends and to ourselves are products of land.

It is nature. It is crops.


Crops that from time to time give us different flavours richer, stronger, more enjoyable.

We dared and turned our look to the other side.



We have noticed that the land near us stretches vastly.

We have heard it talking to us and the only thing we did was to bow our head so as to listen to it better.


Here at Crop we surrender to its hands.



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