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Crop Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible

We have 3 options to choose from

Ethiopia washed GR2


Brazil natural


Decaffeine swiss water processed

Ethiopia Sidamo Dale Woreda GR2 Washed


Light – tea like body, mild lemony acidity, flavors of lemon, citrus and fresh long lasting verbena like finish.

Brewing options.

We suggest to try it black either hot or freddo espresso, without adding milk on it.


In case you want to try it with milk the beverage will still keep its lemony and fresh citric character.


In a filter brew it will give us a syrupy body, flavors of lemon, hybiscus and citrus with long lasting and fresh citric finish. It will be very refreshing and long lasting.

Brazil Mongiana Natural

Juicy and round body, mild granberry like acidity, flavors of chocolate, cocoa, molasses and nutmeg.

Brewing options.

We suggest it for cold espresso beverages. Even with the addition of ice cubes it keeps the same smooth and round mouthfeel.


It is well combined with milk and its flavor turns to hazelnuts and milk chocolate


In filter papers gives a syrupy body and flavors of hazelnuts, wallnuts and milk chocolate.


It is also roasted for ibrik coffee with a medium body and flavors of nutmeg, cocoa and molasses.